Port Shepstone Pre-Cast is an Environmentally Aware Company

The Environment

Port Shepstone Pre-Cast Is a leader in environmental awareness.

Effluent water purification: Our raw sewage is pre-digested in a septic tank, by anaerobic bacteria converting most of the complex organic matter into simple but toxic chemicals. The solution produced is pumped into a Bio-reactor. Air is introduced and aerobic bacteria oxidise the harmful, malodourous chemicals converting them to safe, ‘clean’ salts. At times of surge flow excess effluent is returned to the septic tank to ensure complete treatment. A clarifier is used to extract excess solids and return them to the septic tank. The final stage of treatment is disinfection, which ensures that any pathogens are removed. The water is then re-introduces to the environment exceeding water quality standards.

Concrete Recycling is much more viable than it used to be due to high landfill costs, the expensive cost of trucking old concrete to the landfill, environmental concerns, and the advent of recycling machinery.
Recycled concrete is most often used as sub-base gravel in new construction projects. This is the lowest layer put down when a new road is built, and fresh concrete or asphalt is poured over top of it.

Crushed concrete also works as dry aggregate for new concrete. If the crushed concrete is free of contaminants, it can be used as-is in the form of dry aggregate. Sometimes, however, virgin aggregate is combined with recycled, crushed concrete for making new concrete.

Large pieces of crushed concrete can be used for control of erosion, and finely ground concrete can sometimes be used as landscaping stone.

Retaining walls and privacy fences can be made from stacked cages filled with crushed concrete.

Rebar Recycling: Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times, saving energy and raw materials each time it is re-processed. Most steel has around 20% recycled content.

Recycling 1kg of steel keeps 2kg of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.
For every tonne of steel recycled, 1131 kg of iron ore, 633 kg of coal and 54 kg of limestone are saved.





We recycle our sewage water to interantional standards


Recycled concrete is more environmentally friendly than virgin agregate

Stacke cages filled with recycled concrete prevents erosion


Recycling or rebar helps the environment


Outr paving are coloured right through for everlasting effect Best workmanship best quality material used Precision casting Sound environmental practices
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